1.HD Carl Zeiss Prime and Zoom lense

2.Camera mount (Broadcasting, Film)

3.Prompter (Hardware, Software)

4.Filters (Tiffen, Schneider)

5.Crane, Jib

6.Rollvision: Wireless System for Film and Video. A lightweight, wireless, 3-axes camera system that is revolutionizing film and video production in Hollywood and around the world. The ROLLVISION camera support system features 360 roll, pan, and tilt and is available with numerous 35mm, 16mm, digital video, and HD cameras. The portable system can be used on cables, camera cars, Steadicams, cranes, dollies, tracking systems and much more!

7.Remotevision: The 4 in 1 radio control for Rollvision. It comes with a monitor/receiver, controls Rollvision movements, iris and zoom, and utilizes telecommunications for wireless transmissions.




8.Coptervision: Remote Control Systems for Film and Video. Dynamic close-range aerial shots are COPTERVISION's specialty. Due to the agility and size of the unmanned helicopters, we can get into spaces that are inaccessible to other types of equipment. Perfect for pov shots, going through tunnels, high-speed chase scenes, and much more, the options are endless...

9.Photovision: Wireless System for Aerial Photography.


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